Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Spotlight on Sound

Sound is a passion of mine and always has been. Whether being massaged by the pedal notes of a pipe organ, tuning a brook in the woods or recording on a reel to reel at home, observing sound was an important and fun part of growing up. And it became my career. Since I retired from teaching audio and radio studies, there have only been a few other audiots with whom I've shared random thoughts - until now. Welcome to Sound Notes.

The other day I ran into a former student and her memory of audio class intrigued me. She said she loved it when I turned out the lights to play sound examples. She recalled how the darkness reduced visual distractions, allowing the sounds to engage the imagination. I was pleased to know this was her memory. Telling stories with sound was and still is important. And turning out the lights puts a spotlight on sound.

1 comment:

Jim Briggs said...

I've been using this a bit in class myself -- not-so-consciously before, more consciously now. What a great recommendation!